Sports Basement is putting down roots in Campbell!

Back in 2005 we opened up our Sunnyvale store and fell truly, madly and deeply in love with the South Bay. Ever since then, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed for the chance to expand our presence in the sunniest side of the Bay. That magical moment has finally arrived!

We’re proud to announce the newest addition to our family, Sports Basement Campbell! Our Campbell store will be located in the historic Pruneyard Shopping Center, and will be opening in March. It’s right off of 280 and Highway 17, so getting there will be easy as pie. We’re beyond stoked to become part of the growing Campbell community!

Just like our four other stores, Campbell will cater to the same wide range of sports, services, and community events you love. Best of all, it’s only steps away from the Los Gatos Creek Trail, a gorgeous tree-lined path that will be the perfect staging point for our group runs and bike rides. ¬†Naturally, we’re hiring the best and brightest to be a part of the Basement staff, so if you’re ready to don the green apron, turn in an application!

Please note that rentals are not available at Campbell. 

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  1. Jennifer Correia 


    Welcome to Campbell!

  2. Yvonne Burge 

    Sounds great. Yet my first thought is, where will people park their cars? That parking lot is already a nightmare at most times of the day. I wouldn’t go to that store just to avoid the parking lot.

  3. Loan 

    Siiiiiiiick. :)

  4. Lisa 

    Yvonne, I work across the street and there’s plenty of parking at The Pruneyard. That parking lot does get pretty crazy for some reason, by Trader Joe’s and Marshall’s, but plenty of parking on the side that faces Campbell Avenue. Also, with easy trail access, not to mention that it’s within walking distance from two light rail stations, it will be a very cool destination for those of us who prefer not to drive.

  5. BT 

    I guess they’re taking over the old Barnes & Noble storefront? If only the Indian restaurant could move, they could take over that whole wing where the holiday pop-up stores take over every year, too.

  6. Dave 

    When is the expected date to open?

  7. Suzanne 

    An idea to pass along: If there was some kind of bike area in the Pruneyard it would encourage a couple of things, 1.) Riding bikes as opposed to driving, 2.) Discouraging the Campbell bike thieves! Bike thefts have become a HUGE issue in Campbell. Please pass along and share ideas for how we can stop the thieves! Congrats, Sports Basement!

  8. Danny 

    Glad to see that huge space will not be vacant for long. Kind of neat that it’s gonna be a sporting goods store but wish you guys would add a firearms/hunting department. Big 5 is just a few minutes down the road.

  9. Alan 

    I’m glad that new store is coming in to replace B&N. And glad that it DOES NOT sell firearms. I would be opposed to more gun sales in Campbell.

  10. Jessica Blomstrom 

    Thank you all for being so welcoming! See, THIS is why we’re so excited to move into Campbell. You guys are just way too awesome! Dave, we’re hoping to move in early March, but we don’t have an exact date yet, because we’re doing some renovating. Check out for the latest – they’re posting renovation photos as I type this! Suzanne, that is a really awesome idea, and I’ll be sure to pass it on to the guys in charge. It goes without saying that we love bikes!

  11. Jessica Blomstrom 

    Suzanne, I just spoke to the general manager of the new Campbell store, and he tells me they’re planning to have an indoor bike rack for customer use. Pretty sweet stuff!

  12. Casey Staub 

    I’m in trouble… I love this store and now it’s down the street?! Yikes. Still, super stoked.

  13. Diane Cunningham 

    Can you tell us when hiring is being done for the new Campbell store?

  14. Jessica Blomstrom 

    Hi Diane, hiring is happening as we speak! Visit our Jobs page for more info, at the bottom of every web page here.

  15. Melanie I 

    There are few things that would lift my “barnes and noble left” spirits like Sports Basement moving in – yay!!

    I concur the parking lot is a nightmare, and agree that the campbell side is better.

    We are thrilled!!

  16. Scott 

    Pruneyard is going to rock with SB there. Luckily most of the SB fans and shoppers are very active. So a nice walk or run from the parking garage at the “northwest” corner of the Pruneyard Shopping Center will almost always guarantee plentiful and easy parking.

    The west side of the Pruneyard can be even worse than the east side. But is is not the case with the garage. Most everyone fights for the coveted surface parking close to the stores, restaurants and movie theaters.

    Especially for the famous SB shopping parties, placing a note on the parking garage will make life easier for everyone. And hopefully all SB employees will park there too.

    Here’s a googlemap of Pruneyard:

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