The Basement’s Penultimate Holiday Gift Guide

In case your stuffed stomach is messing with your sense of time, let us be the first to tell you that it is in fact the day after Thanksgiving. That means it’s almost gift-giving time, which in turn means it is officially gift-finding time. We’ve never met anyone who’s incredible enough to know the perfect gift for everyone (and if you are that person, congratulations, we want to become you, seriously), so we’ve put together a couple of gift ideas to help get your brain chuggin’ along through that haze of gravy and pie.

For the runner: Socks are a constant necessity for the runner, but do you really want to fall into stereotypical grandma territory with your gift-giving? Try something like this Fuel Belt water bottle holster instead. It enables your favorite runner to run longer, cause she’s stocked up with water that she doesn’t have to hold on to.

For the cyclist: It’d be kinda awesome to just fill a Colnago bike box up with bike tubes, but you might end up losing a friend afterwards. We simply can’t permit that, so our recommendation is the Chiro Due Glove from Castelli, an excellent pair of wind- and water-resistant, leather-palmed, insulated gloves built specifically for cyclists.

For the mountain man (or woman!): We all have one: that cousin with a beard so manly it snaps razors in half, that niece with a chalk bag hanging off her purse, the buddy who’s closet seems to only contain flannel shirts and hiking boots. We’ll you’re in luck: we recently started carrying Arc-teryx! Pick up a Covert Cardigan or a Delta LT Jacket, and get the biggest post-gift hug you’ve ever gotten.

For the not-so-mountainous man: It’s true, your OKCupid profile doesn’t have to describe you as “the outdoorsy type” to love the Basement! Check out our sweet selection of casual wear, from Chuck Taylors to trucker hats. Or, for those family members surgically attached to their smartphones, pick up a pair Smartwool touchscreen compatible gloves!

But the holidays aren’t just about stuff, despite what your local mall thinks. Give the gift of an adventure instead:

Give a snow day! You can buy discount lift tickets at all stores and give a voucher for a ski/board rental or lease!

Give a camping trip! We rent tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, stoves, and the pack it all loads into. Wrap up a Mountain House meal and a visitor’s guide to Yosemite, make your announcement and watch the grins blossom on their faces.

Give a cycling tour of San Francisco! Family coming into town to visit? We rent bikes out of our Presidio store, which is located right next to the Golden Gate Bridge, and is set up marvelously for a tour of everything the city has to offer. Best of all, they’ll definitely need a guide, so you get to come along, too!

Still not sure? That’s what gift cards are for. Luckily, we just enabled online gift cards, so you don’t even have to leave your comfy chair to get the gift that really can’t go wrong.
Happy holidays, from us to you!

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  2. bruce 

    re: “The Basement’s Penultimate Holiday Gift Guide” Since “penultimate” is defined as “next to last, or next to best” was wondering when you are going to publish an “Ultimate” gift guide. Would really be more interested in what would be the best gift guide…or do you guys just not really know what “penultimate” means and used the word because someone thought, “wow…penultimate is fun to say!”


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