Don’t be basic.


If you’re into yoga, or barre, or Pilates, or maybe that super intense Core40 stuff, than you know there’s a uniform that goes into taking those classes. Black yoga pants. Neutral tank top. French tips. Starbucks gold card. It’s a wee bit repetitive. So we asked ourselves, is this our customer? Do they want repetitive and safe? Or do they want to look as creative and unique as they feel? We looked down at our neon green polka-dotted toenails and said Nay, this shall not be so.

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Infiltrate the Tour de France!

buzz_letour2015 copy I mean, you’ve got the skills, right? All you need is the right look, and for that we’ve got you covered. We’ve got team kits for Cannondale-Garmin and Orica-GreenEDGE, team bikes for Cannondale and BMC, and all the little details you need to really look the part: the Giro Air Attack Shield helmet, Shimano R171 cycling shoes, Oakley Jawbreaker Polarized sunglasses, chamois butter, more chamois butter, you name it. ‘Cause honestly, what better way is there to watch the race than from right there in the peloton?

Assuming you have some difficulty getting tickets to France (which is honestly the only thing we can imagine going sideways in this scenario) then hey, at least you’ll look amazing for your ride this weekend.

Just maybe remember to match your bike to the kit you’re wearing. Aaron (pictured) kinda forgot to do that. He apologizes profusely.

We have the biggest sports nutrition selection in the country (and possibly the world)!

Biggest sports nutrition in the country!

You gotta eat or you’re going to bonk. It’s a fact. Like gravity.

You know what else is a fact? Sports Basement has the biggest sports nutrition selection in the country! We’re not just talking the contiguous U.S.A. either. We are talking all 50 states, folks, because people in Alaska and Hawaii have to eat, too.

Our selection might even be the biggest in the world. Want some more facts? Here’s a few more for you:

  • We carry more than 45 different brands of nutrition!
  • We sell more GU, Clif Bar, Hammer, Honey Stinger & Nuun than any other single door in the world!
  • And for most brands, we carry every flavor offered!

Get your Warriors gear here!


Grab your 2015 NBA Champs shirt from SB.

Update on availability: Please call  you local SB for availability.

Hats are being printed now, and should be arriving on Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for more exact delivery times for those!

 Just imagine: 40 years from now you’ll be watching the Warriors game with some teensy little tot teetering on your knee, and you’ll start waxing poetic about that incredible championship game you watched way back in 2015, when the Warriors beat Lebron the Cavs and won the NBA Championship for the first time since 1975. After giggling at how funny years sounded back before the millennium, the little tot questions the validity of your claim: “Are you sure you’re remembering that correctly?” (Toddlers are much more verbose 40 years from now) and you’ll rip off your button down shirt, revealing the 2015 NBA Championship tee you’ve been wearing underneath and shout “Yes! They won, in just six games, and it was magnificent to behold!” and that little tot will look at you with wonder in their little eyes, and you’ll officially be the coolest old person around.


Win a trip to Half Dome for you and your best buddy!

Want to summit Half Dome? Yeah, we thought so. Want to take your bestest buddy? Yeah, I don’t know why we even had to ask, either. Want to do it for free? Stop yelling “YES” at us, we get it. Want a free Marmot Kompressor Verve 42 pack for you and your best bud, too? Please stop drooling. Win all of those things (not the best buddy, you have to have one of those already) during our Win a Best Buddies Half Dome Trip contest giveaway awesome free stuff magic time!

Sign up right here.

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